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Sneha Wagh gets mobbed by fans

Sneha Wagh gets mobbed by fans

Hello freinds today we have found that famous tv actress Sneha wagh gets mobbed by their fan in jaipu. Yes friends this is true tha Sneha wagh gets mobbed. This is not first time before this many other actresses are mobbed by their fans.this incident happens with Sneha wagh when they are in jaipur on their photoshoot. As we all know that sneha wagh is too beautifull and hot actress.

Sneha says "i always love to intracting with my all fans.they always like me and go that extra mile to show me how much they love me" she says that she was so touched by their fans when she was in Jaipur.

she says its very hard to intract with their fans.and now we have some free time to meet my fans and intract with them.

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